Fist off thank you for visiting the Men Of Valor site!  I am David McBride founder of the Men Of Valor movement, like you as a male figure, I have found it to be a struggle being a man in today's world.

        I find myself struggling with a number of situations. Some of the areas like failing in my faith, as a father and as a husband, and to sum it up as a man. honestly I do not feel that I am the man God has intended me to be. Maybe you are like me in these situations, or you might have something else going on. We all have our own issues and each of us have no reason to face these situations alone. God did not intend for us to be alone, did he not give Adam Eve. We have our struggles and we get weak, so we need our brothers to lean on.

        I have been searching for a men’s group, in person and online to help me with these issues; I want to grow stronger in my faith, be a better father to my kids, a good husband and a real man. 

        I never found a place. So I was praying for something and I Felt God leading me to start my own group. So that is what I am doing. My Father has given me the direction and I will walk the path!

        I would like for our group to be a place were each of us can help one another grow to become the men God intended for us to be. Let us face it, men are becoming a dying breed, there are plenty of males but very few men. I want this to be a group to help change that in each of us, for our families and those we meet. When God created masculinity, His final words were, it was good. But look at our society and how messed up it is. Guess what hardly anyone knows what manhood should be! That's the males fault, yes males mostly ours. I am as guilty as the next guy. If we don,t put our pride aside and step up and work to change from being males to being men, we as a human race are in serious trouble.

        Adam the first man was perfect at the get go, but failed at his responsibly as a man. His failure caused sin to enter the world, and its been falling since. Are you willing to be the cause of others live to end and not do your part to lead others to Christ.

        Join me lets work together helping ourselves and other guys bring back to true manliness. Manliness like our one true example our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.